Australian Open Final 2016 – Djokovic Vs Murray

What do I see?

Two men, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, playing no different than Monica Seles 30 years ago on the baseline, same cross court battles, hitting the ball early (sometimes), taking on 2nd serves and staying on the baseline, same angles, same drop shots, same lobs, same fear of the net, no serve and volley, no bold attacks nothing new, nothing different.

Just two grown up men playing like girls! The only difference is that men have more power and wear shorts, otherwise if they wore skirts I would not know whether it was a Women’s or a Men’s final?

Not much separates Men from Women these days, no wonder with less work, best of 3 set matches on a Grand Slam versus men 5 set matches, women feel entitled to ask for the same prize money.

Are the boys going to start wearing skirts?

My 2 cents.

Oh! It is still time for you to learn about the tennis serve and volley some instructors and writers around the world still believe it can make you a better player.

Sergio Cruz

Comment: Oh…Boy! Was I wrong or what?! After all, the Girlz are already playing best of 5 sets at the Slams! :-))))))

No idea in which of the slams the photographer took this picture, although it seems to be at the US Open, but….surely enough, he had to use some pretty darn wide lens to get all of that fluff in.

Sensible Roger Federer
Sensible Roger Federer in pink tutu. A joke by some wise cracker.

Oh….well…. if you cannot beat them……

If you can beat them, you join them!

If you cannot beat them, you join them, as they say. Now I am ready to win a Grand Slam! Or?….

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5 thoughts on “Australian Open Final 2016 – Djokovic Vs Murray”

  1. Fear not Sergio, Raonic should get to No.1 after Djokovic and Murray cross 30. In the meantime, he should be able to push them, at least on the faster surfaces.

    1. Andrew, Raonic, will be a Top 10, but his speed will always be a factor against him. Shorter and quicker players like Murray and others will beat him to the big GS Cups. The only place I see him having a chance is Wimbledon, but that’s not enough to be Nr. 1….and if he gets mono like Soderling did the whole thing might be short lived. But I hope not, he is a nice kid.

    1. Both Djokovic and Murray are more afraid of net play then of a King Cobra! Example, both attacked 2nd services three meters inside the court, with excellent and well placed shots to the corners and instead of following those shots to the net and win the point easily, they both run back 4 meters to be one meter behind the baseline and proceed to play like Monica Seles did 30 years ago.
      No excuse or justification for that, it is simply bad tennis. After one or two of those, I decided not to watch the final any more….and that is why either then those few games in the final, I did not watch a single match of the Australian Open 2016.

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