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How this site is funded…

Yes that’s right. The candy and soda pop don’t pay for themselves; let alone
our sky-high server costs, software expenditure and advertising
gaspillage. So, if you feel that
has somehow enriched your life and
want to send some measure of “thanks” our way, you can do so from here. I’ll be

All you need is a credit card to support
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Also you can support this site…

so you can continue to enjoy these FREE tennis instruction articles, tennis videos and more!

To make sure I can pay for web hosting, my domain name and admin, etc., I have teamed up with a few fine online stores and Adsense. “” receives a small commission any time you buy something from one of the stores below… BUT IF, and only if, you go to the sites by CLICKING the links on this site.

How this site is written…

Like many sites on the web, this site is the product of one person’s time and energy.  I have managed to write these articles in my spare time over many years, with the aim of giving tennis  ‘newbies’ looking for a tip on the tennis serve, the backhand slice, backhand passing shot, the tennis forehand, tennis smash a backhand volley or just some general knowledge as a starting point.  The second thought was to give parents, Coaches and advanced players some guidance, my experiences and views.

I am currently working on more articles for this site.

As expected, I have learned that there is more about tennis that I don’t know than I had realised!  I am certainly enjoying the learning curve.

So why buy from these links?

If you have appreciated this site in any way, or you are planning on buying a leasure trip, software or tennis equipment anyway, then you can help this site by buying from the links on my site.

You’ll get the exact same price you normally would and this site will be given a little extra fuel to keep up & running.

You might even benefit when my associates let me offer specials you might not find elsewhere.






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