How to Master the Tennis Topspin Low Backhand?

This tennis low backhand topspin file is tied to the backhand topspin file where the basics of the shot production are shown, please refer to it if needed. (you can find it here)

A good low backhand topspin shot is indeed a difficult shot, once you are able to master it, you will have a sense of pride and self satisfaction probably only equaled with a top class high backhand volley.

There are several elements to respect in this shot and they are:

– Keep your upper body straight and bend at the knees.

– At contact get your racket head under the ball as much as possible, for lift and net clearance.

– Keep your feet moving and use the split step at every shot.

– Always step in (forward step) to stroke the ball.

Stay close to the baseline, low balls are usually short, therefore you will be able to reach them quicker inside the court and possibly launch an ATTACK!

There you have it, keep it simple, bend at the knees, keep your upper body straight and you will have a top level low topsin backhand for a life time!

Post a comment on this page letting me know if you are improving your low topspin backhand and then send me a video of your backhand I will personally look for more ways to help you improve it.

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