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How to answer a difficult angle topspin backhand!

Question (John Lui):  What if I (right-handed) hit a very accurate backhand crosscourt shot which lands on the sideline halfway between the corner of the service box and the corner of the baseline – forcing my opponent who is now in the doubles alley to choose between going down the line over the high […]

How to Hit Your Dream Tennis Backhand Slice?

The tennis backhand slice is a real weapon that many in today world of power tennis did not care to learn or their teachers failed to teach them.

The cost to the present day tennis professional player has been staggering and the one profiting from this lapse is Roger Federer that even with […]

How to hit an easy topspin tennis backhand?

There is this myth that you need all kind of huge powerful muscles and incredible strength to hit a decent topspin tennis backhand. The truth is you do not need any of that to have the correct technique and excellent shot making.


Take for example the fragile skinny girl on this tennis […]

Rafael Nadal – Tennis Backhand Topspin

Rafael Nadal at times can hit a pretty sharp double handed backhand.

In this situation though, he is in a rally and content to just hit the ball pretty hard with plenty of topspin back to the other side.

1. Notice how he drops the racket head way below the striking zone. […]

Richard Gasquet – Low Topspin Backhand

Richard Gasquet a young promising player, one of the few who has beaten Roger Federer in recent years.

In this video he shows us a somewhat laborious topspin backhand.

We have to take into consideration that it is a low bouncing ball and the surface is grass.

Therefore I would expect a shorter […]

Roger Federer – Topspin backhand on the run

To truly appreciate Roger Federer and his fantastic shot making we have to put ourselves in his skin and execute a one handed topspin backhand on the run such as the one on this video:

– What looks so easy and simple is a very difficult shot to execute so fluid, because of […]

Roger Federer – Topspin Backhand

If you are to use this video as a tennis instruction tip, please watch these elements on Roger Federers topspin backhand and copy it:

– Notice the perfect gripping of the racket.

– Even though not seen in the video Roger comes from a low to high racket head motion driven at about waist […]

Tennis Instruction: Justine Henin – Topspin Backhand

Tennis instruction: Justine Henin delivers a top spin backhand.  I do not want to be critical of womens tennis or Justine, but I have great problems with the way the whole topspin backhand shot looks from the bio-mechanical point of view.

In Justine’s game what impressed me was not her stroke production (which in my honest […]