Tennis 2003-2017 fantasy land with no limits!

If anyone in the ‘real’ world believes what is going on in tennis today and throughout the last 14 years or so is real? They are delusional!

Recently Genie Bouchard April 26, 2017 put it into perspective: ‘Maria Sharapova is ‘cheater,’ should be banned for life’
‘She’s a cheater and so, to me, I don’t think a cheater in any sport should be allowed to play that sport again,’ Bouchard told TRT World. ‘Unfair to all these players who do it the right way and are true’.

‘I think from the [Women’s Tennis Association] it sends the wrong message to young kids: Cheat and we’ll welcome you back with open arms. I don’t think that’s right and (she’s) definitely not someone I can say I look up to anymore because it’s definitely ruined it for me a little bit.’

All fables compiled such as; ‘Snow white and the seven dwarfs’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’, ‘Alice in wonderland’, ‘Land of oz’ and so on and so forth, can not fulfill the fantasy tennis is.

Recently the International Olympic committee punished Russia for doping violations and for state organized doping schemes. Well done, but is Russia alone? Very unlikely.

In tennis fantasy land, people are lead to believe the following:

– That a butterfly can change into a ‘lion king’ within weeks and during 4 consecutive years the ‘lion king’ barely lost a match. Thorn all opponents apart with summary scores and impossible short match length times. Of course the consequences were “mononucleosis”, sometimes known as ‘kissing disease’, strange thing about it, no-one the lion kissed got the ‘virus’. The WADA* believed it but, Scientists found a different link to ‘Mono’, EPO injections!

– While the ‘Lion King’ recovered and found other methods to revive his performance, a ‘Bull’ came to life, and the crowds were not happy but, the new hero was in town. This new fictional character, was harshly scrutinized by the press who became skeptical of such an impressive muscle package (the WADA* was not). The french made a parody out of it, but the record stood. The ‘Bull’ gets hurt several times and his reign is cut short.

– Logically ‘Merlin’ replaced the ‘Bull’, much to the discontent of the crowds who disliked the fact that he dominated both the ‘Lion’ and the ‘Bull’. ‘Merlin’ had plenty of explaining to do. What for the press was acceptable the ‘Lion King’ did during almost four years, ‘Merlin’ should not be able to do! Like, winning almost every tournament he entered in the calendar year! ‘Merlin’s’ explanations ranged from ludicrous food diets, nostril jobs, to lunar pods (the WADA* believed it)! Of course the ‘diets’ were unsustainable and the toll started showing with several near collapses on court. Realizing that his life was at stake, ‘Merlin’ changed ‘his priorities’ and started losing of course.

– To make Merlin’s feats credible, an over the hill 29 year old dark horse, that never had the stamina or the mental ability to hold steady for neither long matches, tough matches or Grand Slams, with the help of “Scandinavian miracles and potions” all of a sudden becomes the marathon man, the Grand Slam great slayer and the toughest mental player to beat! Wow!

– Lurking behind all of this fantasy was a darker type just waiting for this opportunity for years! ‘Gollum’, ‘you are my precious’, to show that he was ready to take the role, he who had never had won a single tournament on clay in his entire career, opened the clay season with 3 clay court tournament titles in a row! The reason was simple “National Lottery and Exchequer income was strategically invested to maximize the performance of athletes”. That lead to an helluva of titles and gold medals for the country (poor cheating Russians!), it was a great explanation, the crowds believed, (the WADA* too) and ‘Gollum’ took the throne. Nevertheless ‘Gollum’s’ reign was short lived and now the throne is up for grabs.

So in the sport of make believe, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Tinker Bell’ ‘Captain Hook’ and the spirit of the forest got together and in 2017 revived the old ‘Lion King’ career with such powerful magic that ‘an injured’ old creature, with extensive ‘back problems’, ‘knee operations’, lengthy pauses without competition at all, was able to restart and destroy seasoned super fit much younger pros to win another Grand Slam title, this followed by two mind boggling wins in a row at ATP World Tour Masters 1000. Anyone familiar with Medical Therapeutic Performance Enhance Drug Use Exemption (TUE) knows why the injuries abound.

I made a parody out of this, but it is a very serious matter, potentially putting at risk the lives of cheaters and inducing younger athletes to follow the wrong path. Many athletes have already died in other amateur and professional sports.

The disproportion in handling doping offenses by courts and countries and different sports is abysmal. For example:

– Sprinter ‘Ben’ Johnson lost his Seoul Olympic gold medal, prize money and was disgraced.

– Cyclist Lance Armstrong lost all 7 of his Tour the France titles and had to return the prize money he earned among other consequences.

– Olympic Champion track star Marion Jones sentenced to 6 months in prison, two years of probation and community service for lying to federal prosecutors investigating the use of performance-enhancing substances.

– In tennis Peter Korda was caught, kept his Australian Open title and prize money. John McEnroe McEnroe says he took steroids unknowingly and he still has his titles and prize money. Andre Agassi Andre Agassi admits: I took crystal meth and lied to escape a drugs ban, Andre still has all of his titles, prize money and is still adored.

– Maria Sharapova was caught cheating with a drug called “Melodium” Maria Sharapova receives two-year ban for failing drug test ‘Sharapova has maintained since that she took the drug before it was banned and for health reasons only, on the advice of her doctor over a 10-year period’. Bottom line, Maria Sharapova drugs ban was reduced from two years to 15 months and she still has all of her titles and prize money.

What is the message tennis officialdom sends to other cheaters and young people?

We as members of society have more responsibility then blindly condoning and even adoring false role models because eventually our children will sooner or later fall victim.
The press is gutless and does not investigate for fear of losing their seat at the press conferences.

The federations and the governments do not care because the trophies and medals pile up.

The official professional organizations close an eye because it’s all about “big” money, TV rights, sponsors.

The sponsors do not care because it’s all about making money.
The organizations supposed to test like the WADA* are way under-funded and literally cannot stop multi-millionaire sophisticated cheater’s. “We are catching the dopey dopers but not the sophisticated ones” WADA director general David Howman.

My guess is the WADA* gave up and now is a firm believer in the tennis fantasy world, nods it’s head in approval and does not ask for A probes or B probes, blood samples or urine tests, because no one was tested and by the way, ‘only the Russians are cheating’!

*WADA World Anti-Doping Agency

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