Tennis Exercise Videos – The Tennis Carioca Crossover Cross Stitch Step!

Besides all the names that are given to this tennis step I add specifically to the practice off court of this step the name, ‘the butterfly step’!

How important is this step in the game of tennis?

No one can rate the level of importance of any given aspect of the game of tennis, but
one can surely say that the tennis Carioca Crossover Cross Stitch and sometimes
called gravity step is used in many very important
situations of the game.

How do I describe this type of step?

This is a step used by players in any
situation where a gravity step is necessary in order to move faster in the desired direction.

Like in:

– A backhand slice attack.

– A recovery step after the split step on either side backhand or forehand

– Any recovery or attack situation where you need to drop your body weight (gravity)
in order to accelerate.

– Often this step also follows a recovery split step.

Here are a few variations of the Carioca, Crossover, Cross Stitch, Gravity or Butterfly step, with the corresponding

Yannick Noah Cross Stitch Step

Yannick – Tennis Approach "Dans la Fouleé"


Photograph Copyright Art Seitz

Pete Sampras Backhand side Crossover Steps


 Jelena Jankovic – Recovery Step

Here are some aspects to keep in mind when you practice Carioca, Crossover, Cross Stitch, Gravity or Butterfly step off court:

– This is an agility exercise no power is required.

– What matters is the foot dance below your waist.

– Keep your head and shoulders straight with very little movement.

– Stretch your arms out like a butterfly does with its wings and keep them relaxed.

– Move as swiftly as you can without losing composure.

– Repeat three or four times for a ten to twenty meter stretch.

– Take breaks if needed and do it until you master it and even after
you mastered it!
(it could take weeks or months – whatever it takes!)

The video below shows you, how you can train
this step outside the tennis court:

Video Cameraman – Carl Da Cruz

Video Courtesy
of Peter Zillig Coach at Basel Athletic Club Copyrights

Basel Leichtathletic Club in Basel

Keep in mind that a
Carioca, Crossover, Cross Stitch, Gravity or Butterfly step
is as important as any other part of you training,
Start mastering it Today!

Sergio Cruz 

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