Tennis Forehand Court -Wide Inside-Out Winner!

Here is how to hit a court wide inside-out tennis forehand winner:

1. Be alert to opportunities and pick them especially when the opponent(s) ball
is weaker or short to your backhand side.

2. You must be willing to move fast and around your backhand to strike the ball
with your forehand.

3. Move side ways with parallel or backward steps until the forehand set-up

4. Charge explosive elastic energy by bending and anchoring your  left leg
in open stance.

5. You are in a position where going
cross court wide is the prefered shot, but do not ignore the up the line shot
if your opponent committed too early to cover the other corner.

6. Go for it! Swing as hard as you can (winner consistency will take time to
develop – so accept mistakes and be courageous).

7. Keep your head still and looking forward as you let your body (shoulders)
rotate  underneath. Use your hip rotation to generate segmented power.

8. Naturally let the
racket head decrease speed end without holding it until the rotation
stops .

9. As a precaution follow the ball to the net or get further inside the court until you are sure it is a winner!

NOTE: 1- The girl on the court wide inside-out tennis forehand winner video
unleashes powerful
elastic energy
into the shot as she jumps into the ball as she strikes it.

2 – At the moment of impact Elbow is tucked into the body.

3 – She generates more ball speed by using a flatter stroke and linear movement
through the shot.

wide-tennis-forehand tennis-forehand reverse-tennis-forehand inside-out-forehand-tennis
Racket Head High and Sideways Footwork Preparation wide-tennis-forehand Aim at Ball and Generate Elastic Energy by Pressing
Feet into Groundwide-tennis-forehand
Elbow Tucked in Release Elastic Energy with Jump Linear
Flat Stroke Airborne to Strike ball at Highest Pointwide-tennis-forehand
Landing on front foot with continued upper
body rotationwide-tennis-forehand

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