The Sharapova Melodium Affair and Now Dr. Bonar!

As the dust was beginning to settle in the Maria Sharapova ‘Melodium’ Affair, another doping scandal rocks the world of professional sports with Dr. Mark Bonar doping allegations in sport.

An investigation by The Sunday Times has found that Dr Mark Bonar charges sports stars thousands of pounds for illicit drug programs.

Dr. Mark Bonar is a British trained GP with over 10 years experience working as a medical doctor and is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK, at an anti-ageing centre called The Ultra-Wellness Clinic Knightsbridge.

This sounds like pretty familiar territory, another ‘Anti-aging clinic’ Biogenesis scandal broke out in 2013 when several Major League Baseball (MLB) players were accused of obtaining performance-enhancing drugs (“PEDs”), specifically human growth hormone, from the now-defunct rejuvenation clinic Biogenesis of America.

Also the December 2015 Al Jazeera report saying that many human growth hormone shipments were sent to N.F.L. Peyton Manning’s wife from an anti-aging clinic the year he had neck surgery. That drug is banned by the N.F.L.

Anyway, according to a Sunday Times investigation, Mark Bonar – a London-based private doctor – charges sports stars thousands of pounds for drug programmes.

The newspaper says it has secretly filmed the medic claiming that he has prescribed performance-enhancing drugs such as with banned substances such as erythropoietin (EPO), steroids and human growth hormone to 150 elite sports professionals from the UK and abroad over the past six years, including:

several Premier League footballers
an England cricket international
British cyclists
tennis players

Dr. Bonar has told the Sunday Times, ‘he treated the athletes for medical reasons and not to enhance their performance’.

Dr. Bonar said that ‘in the past six years he has treated more than 150 sports people from the UK and abroad variously with banned substances such as erythropoietin (EPO), steroids and human growth hormone, and the sports performance improvements were ‘phenomenal’.

Whatever the circumstances which lead professional athletes to seek Dr. Bonar’s ‘treatments’, he categorically affirms, “They are well fully aware of the risks of using these medicines in professional sport and it is their responsibility to comply with anti-doping regulations.”

Never mind Dr. Mark Bonar and his potentially doped 150 professional athletes. What is the real truth? How many labs, anti-ageing clinics, sports doctors, Universities (like in Germany) are, were involved in the PEDs drug trade/programes with athletes?

Judging from a list of scandals recorded in the last few years, the situation is for serious concern; Doctor Luis Garcia del Moral now banned infamous drug pusher in tennis and other sports, than the Operación Puerto involving Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes where a Madrid’s Provincial Court ordered the destruction of the almost 200 blood bags which were stored as part of the anti-doping probe, the BALCO lab that provided steroids to several professional athletes, including baseball player Barry Bonds and track and field star Marion Jones, the Peyton Maning possible affair with the now-defunct Anti-Aging Clinic clinic Biogenesis of America and now Dr. Mark Bonar declarations.

The final question is, how many more drug scandals do we need to understand that the W.A.D.A., N.A.D.A. UK Anti-Doping Agency are purely useless, because their Anti-Doping efforts ‘World Wide’ are supported by annual Budgets which pale in comparison to professional athletes incomes and are totally inadequate for the gargantuan task at hand?

Take this for example, the total CONTRIBUTIONS TO WADA’S BUDGET 2015 were $29,057,399 (Million US Dollars), to cover Sports drug abuse World Wide.

The 2015 Top professional athletes incomes, Cristiano Ronaldo $75 (Million US Dollars), Lionel Messi $74 (Million US Dollars) Roger Federer a top Tennis player with a large endorsement cache made $67 (Million US Dollars), LeBron James $65 (Million US Dollars), Payton Manning $27 Million US Dollars). Novak Djokovic $48 (Million Dollars). Jordan Spieth over $50 (Million Dollars), according to Forbes Magazine ‘Maria Sharapova Earned $285 Million During Her Tennis Career’.

In all honesty, how can anyone in his right mind believe that W.A.D.A., N.A.D.A. UK Anti-Doping Agency et al are serious or can do anything about the world wide Sports doping epidemic?

Sergio Cruz
cruze (at)

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